Goshin-Ryu Karate Association

Grand Master

 Hanshi John Stellingwerf 10th Dan

 Hanshi Stellingwerf's martial arts training began in 1955 while stationed in Korea with the U.S. Military. He subsequently found the Goshin system in the United States and earned his first degree black belt from Sensei Steve Panyko under Shihan Al Gossett. Shihan Gossett was the current president of the Goshin Do Karate Do Kyo Kai.

Hanshi Stellingwerf also received training from Sensei Jerry Thompson and Sensei Jack Porta. Later, in 1970, he was welcomed into the Goshin Ryu Karate Do Kyo Kai under the auspices of Shihan Frank Van Lenten.

Hanshi Stellingwerf has great respect for all of the above martial artists and contributes knowledge, obtained from them, to his longevity in the martial arts.

In 1972 Hanshi Stellingwerf and Shihan Al Gossett joined together to revise the curriculum and form the United States Goshin-Ryu Karate Association. The current insignia, worn by many thousands of martial artists over the years was also developed at that time. During that same time period, Shihan Al Gossett (deceased) became the Grand Master and John Stellingwerf became the President of the organization.

Hanshi Stellingwerf remained the president of the Goshin-Ryu Karate Association for over 20 years until the death of Shihan Al Gossett in 1992. He was awarded his 10th degree black belt by Shihan Gossett in 1992. Hanshi Stellingwerf, in keeping with quality tradition, did not acknowledge this rank until he turned 62 years old in 1998.

Many current martial arts instructors in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, whether they are currently under the banner of the Goshin-Ryu Karate Association or are now training under another name received their training in the curriculum established by Hanshi Stellingwerf and Gossett.

Hanshi Stellingwerf's goal is to preserve the quality and integrity of the Goshin-Ryu Karate Association curriculum, producing respected and knowledgeable martial artists.

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